Monday, November 30, 2015


A few months ago a snake left a large and disconcerting skin above a doorway at the back of the house. It was a good 2m in length and plenty of room to put your arm in. From that point the thought of its presence sat in the back of my mind every time I wandered down the backyard in bare feet in the dark, or left the door to the porch open on the hot nights.

This evening I met the snake. Being too chicken to get in front of it to snap its portrait I satisfied myself to stand behind a very small dog and use the zoom on the phone. Despite my obvious reluctance to get near it, it was an amazing looking creature.

While this is an odd post (though no odder than other random photos that take my fancy), it is more of a sleeping scare for a particular person who one day will get around to see what Ive been up to and discover they have a snake living very close to the back door. Thats the bit Im finding particularly humorous at the moment.

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  1. Almost enough to make a bloke move back to NZ?!