Thursday, July 23, 2015

tour divide 2015 - random photos 4

I have not a clue where this, New Mexico? Just after Lake Hopewell? but it was in the middle of nowhere and they are having a wedding.

The gorge before coming on La Grita before Del Norte. The store was not open but we found a spigot next door. We hit the single track just as the rain started and Josh put his foot down while i put my jacket on then I started chasing. There is nothing like chasing someone down a muddy single track. My tyres were next to useless for holding a line so I had to ride the ruts to get round some corners as it offered the best camber. Next was the creek that acted as the route into Del Norte. Memories of this are not favorable with the deep creek gravel to contend with and finally we are offered a scenic route around the airport to arrive in town. Josh's luck ran out he could not unclip in time to prevent from arseing over fire hydrant. He was well entangled with bike and hydrant. Looked ffffing hilarious but Im sure pride took a hit. No one likes falling off in front of others and now Ive told the one or two people reading this.

This in on the way to Platoro. It was a two burrito climb to get to this point. Possibly some starbursts and a cold coffee in there too.

The Jones H Bar was rename the Jones Snack Bar. You could line up a can of coke, a burrito and some bars along here as long as the road was smooth. Anything stored on the bars would be lost at the first bump. These bars were sensational. I have no numbness in my hands after 4400km as opposed to the left hand that took 3 months to come right after only getting to Butte last year. Get your hands on these bars (pun intended).

A lake found while dropping into Platoro. The food options were limited in Platoro but a stock up from the cafe allowed me to make it to Cannon Plaza (I think was the next supply for me, if not never mind). Had a quick chat with a few other riders whose names escape me (please forgive me for forgetting, how hard is it to remember 3 names of people you shared a room with in  Del Norte).

This is definitely New Mexico. I am confident of this at least. Im heading to Grants of a hot bitumen run. There was a storm brewing I watched all day and it wasn't til I arrived in Grants did the two of us arrive at the same point.
I saw not other rider all day but no doubt they were there, just a couple of miles in front or behind. Never destined to see them. This was a hot hot hot day. I pulled over at the tunnel beside the mine. All the riders will know the one Im talking about. It has an echo when you fart. 

Three selfies Id forgotten about. Normally its photos of feet with spectacular scenery in the background. My helmet and hat feel like they are on straight but in photos they never look that way.

Knackered and there is still daylight. Coffee and plenty of it was had here. Hat on straight for a change.

This was one of those nights where I found the closest tree and curled up underneath. 

Cannon Plazza store. I arrived here around 7ish or 8ish and had a couple of microwave burritos. Spent $20 on food and got race update of who had been here before me. This lady had her finger on what was happening. It was fantastic to chat with someone not in the race but with some understanding of what was happening. While what we are doing is extraordinary,  at the time it does not feel like it. It just feels big.

looking happier today, or bemused I cant remember. What is going on with hat and helmet. One would think after 3 decades of wear a helmet Id figure to wear the bloody thing.

If I need to explain this one you are looking at the wrong blog.

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  1. That wedding sign was just before Del Norte. I saw the two cute girls putting it up and asked if I could come too....