Wednesday, May 28, 2014

tour divide 2014

 Tour Divide 2014
Grand  Depart: Banff 13 June

I'm riding/racing the Tour Divide this year. Its a long self supported mountain bike race from Banff (Canada) to Antelope Wells (New Mexico, US). At about this point most people usually feign interest and start thinking about dinner. My description will stop as it usually does at this point since it is an impossible mission to compete with peoples stomachs and the eminent plans to stuff them. More data is in the links below.

My appreciation is given to those who have suffered through my only topic of conversation/interest lately. You know who you are and I offer a sincere thank you for listening and the support. A concerted effort not to talk too much about this when I get back will be made on my part. A huge thank you goes out for the lodgings and the help with planning and equipment, I could not have made this trip possible without this assistance. For the energy/muesli bars made for me - dam they were good and thanks!

Info on the race:

Leaderboard for the overall race:

You can track my progress here:

MTBCast – racers call in at the end of the day and you can listen to how they are going:

Unofficial start list for those who want to see who is riding and their information :

If you really get bored and want to suffer yourself the forum has some ‘interesting’ conversations:

This is the time difference between Banff and Brisbane. You have a mouse, you can work out the time difference for your locality yourself, you are big people now.

And for interest sakes, this woman has already started. She is travelling South to North doing an Individual Time Trial.

Photos coming soon and there will be many:

You should feel suitably spoon fed now, go get reading if you can be bothered.

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