Friday, February 24, 2012

the more you look the more you see

Yogi Bear sets out his picnic basket in the front seat of the ute. A rather large Irish Yogi Bear who prefers sitting in the passenger seat with the air con on rather than doing anything that resembles anything anyone else would consider work. A heads up for people who are considering hanging around people who discover the variety of fruit that they can lay their hands on for free - don't.

Out here the colours that you get are phenomenal. These small flowers pop up all over the place changing an out of characteristic green and red  landscape to something subtly different. Every day is a new hue.
While waiting for Irish Yogi to turn up for work most of your time is spent swatting bugs. Lots of bugs!!  They do make for some interesting images in the flood lights in the car park.

Nigel the bug

Nigels brother

It is a warm day when even the clouds melt

An unknown piece of information regarding milo moth is that these moths also love espresso, especially double shot espresso. It is remarkable how sneaky these flying coffee fiends are at finding the last mouthful of your coffee. It is also remarkable how slow the writer is at not learning to check his coffee before he drinks.

You would not have thought that one fly could ruin a photo of a storm front coming in but it did. The again considering all the photos I taken this is the first one I have managed to get one mid flight.

Fly-less photo of the front.

The dust is so much fun to play in until a truck goes past you at 80-90km an hour and you are standing on the side of the road. If you mix sunscreen, insect repellent, perspiration, sunglasses and dust you get some funning looking workmates.

Again with the bugs and the colours.

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