Wednesday, October 12, 2011

byron bugs

This little bugger kept me company for a couple of weeks 

... but I managed to keep the bigger ones out

These chaps are so friendly you can get right up and pat them - only the tame ones mind you!
Not the best way to start the day

I have no idea how long I have been a surf bum in Byron Bay, two or three weeks maybe, but its been a blast though now its time to work again. From snapping the surf board to free camping on the beach sleeping in a bivvy bag, sitting in cafes and drinking coffee while the world slips past in its on manic manner the prospect of work is a touch depressing. With so much spare time to read and talk to other travellers your head fills with ideas of travelling forever. It can be done and there is a concerted effort to find the magic formula. The luggage side of things is under control, if it does not fit into the back pack then its not needed and even then look for things you don't need. The destination side of things posses a problem. There are too many places to see before I die though this will make a little difference whether they have been visited before I kick the bucket as I wont know any differently - I will be dead.

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