Saturday, July 16, 2011


this ride hurt a lot!

This is just before I joined back up to real roads with actual bitumen and people. I freaked out a little  while riding the Rabbit Valley Road, no where does it mention there are no services, signs, directions and at no point did I see another living soul, building or road.


before my cameras batteries died I managed this master piece of photography. The outskirts of Moab. I am charging my batteries right now and have been given a hint on how to get great views and not pay over $100 to sit in the back of a jeep with other stinky tourists and be driven up a hill. Instead I ride my bike up a steep road in the evening heat and hope like hell I get a good view. (I am looking forward to this part actually).

I made it to Moab Utah. Along Interstate 70 its about 182km. I couldn't follow I70 so I did many more km to get here. Closer to 200km. when the frontage roads ran out I had to follow the interstate and it was long, undulating, shimmering and bloody hot. Its the desert of course its hot!!. I had 8 litres of water on the bike in preparation for this part but I ran out half way through the cycling.  It was lucky for me there were road workers laying bitumen and fixing the roadside barriers. They were bewildered but such great stupidity and filled my water bottles up a number of times. This is rather lucky as I could have died out there yesterday. I am putting light on this but it was a hell of a lot more serious than I am making out here. 10miles out of Thomson Springs there was a bridge, the sole source of shade on this whole leg of the trip. I fell asleep under it for a couple of hours  until large digger almost ran me over. They were there fixing the armco barriers and I happened to fall asleep in a section that required their services. The best part of the trip was the last 10 miles into Moab as I had a tail wind and it was all downhill. Something had to go right somewhere.

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